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FleXiever Mini Screener XL

FleXiever Mini Screener XL screener

With the FleXiever Mini Screener XL we can offer various solutions in a creative and budget-friendly way.
The standard frame consists of 2 Mini Screeners that are placed one after the other. The inclination of the machines and the vibration of the vibration motors can be set separately. The mesh openings of the screening nets are available from 0.5 x 0.5mm which ensures that the machine can be used for many industrial applications. The nets can be changed quickly and easily.

You can equip the machines with 2 of the same screening nets, the total screening surface is 360x90cm (= 3.24m²). Or you can place 2 different nets so that you can immediately screen in 3 fractions.
The frame van easily be placed on a concrete wall or 4 supports, so you can easily remove the screened material with an excavator.
When working with 2 different screening nets, screening can be done directly in big bags or 1m³ boxes or the material can be removed via conveyor belts.